Our Vision

A prosperous district with an awaken community.


Our Mission

To build a prosperous district with the community adopting decent and standard living consists in skills, creativity and wellbeing in the fabric of freedom, safety and fascination by managing all the resources of the district complying with good governance mechanism leading to sustainable development.



  • Customer friendly, service – sensitive, efficient staff.
  • A working culture of instant solutions with modern and innovative approaches.
  • Trustworthy service for all.
  • Clean and green environment.
  • A mechanism of good governance.


Digamadulla is an ancient colonization.According to the history of Wansha, this colonization made a strong political leadership.Anuradhapura was named as capital by King Pandukabhaya, the son of Diagagamini. Since then, Digamadulla was brought as a administrative region of kingdom of Anurapura and it become a grain store of the kingdom. When the Polonnaruwa fell down,It the political power set off to southwest area,it started to grow jungle in Digamadulla.Then, Digamadulla was brought under the administration of king of hill country and ruled by British authority in 1815.Digamadulla was given lower concern under the rule of British. As a result of this,bushes grew rapidly in this area.However, after the inland people had entered in to the administration at the end of British rule, the government focused on Digamadulla with regard to uplift the agriculture. Finally, the Galoya development scheme was started in 1949 under the administration of independent Sri Lanka.Though this area was developed within a short period under the proper plan,this area was declared as a district of proper administration on the name of Ampara in the year 1961.After some time, this district was declared as a electorate district according to the 13 chapter of 1978 constitution.

Ampara is the town of the district administration which gives full support for the development of agriculture in the eastern province of Sri Lanka.It is a significant point that there are three rivers and wildlife area within the surrounding of the town.

The total population of the district is about 648,057 according to 2012 census. It consist of 43.58% Sri lankan Muslim,38.73% Sinhalese and 17.39% Sri Lankan Tamil.

Ampara district consists of 19 divisional secretariat division and a assistant government agent Division.

There are plate land in the Ampara district according to the geological figure and there are many places with hills.The surface of Ampara district is 4415 square kilometers with consist of water area of 193square kilometers.


Boundaries of the Ampara District

  • North - Edge of Batticaloa and Pollonnaruwa District boundary.
  • East - Indian Ocean(Bengal Sea).
  • South - Hambanthota District.
  • West and Southeast - Monaragala District.
  • Northwest - Badulla and Mathale District



The mean temperature is 30 0C. Highest temperature is 36 0C.The lowest temparature is 24 0C during December and January periods.The Ampara district is situated in the dry zone of the country and received an annual rainfall of 1400mm mainly during North-East monsoon season.The district experiences dry season from March to September and the rainy season from Octomber to February.


  Divisional Secretariat Divisions in Ampara District

 Name List of The Government Agent's

No. Name From To
01 Mr.Persy Abeysinghe 1977.08.01 1977.10.01
02 Mr.Andru De Silva 1977.08.02 1978.02.28
03 Mr.Y.M.Gunawardhana 1978.03.01 1980
04 Mr.G.M.Ariyarathna 1980 1985.06.
05 Mr.D.M.Nandasena 1985.07. 1989.07.
 06 Mr.G.Mudannayaka 1989.08.01 1992.01.31
07 Mr.A.I.Wickrama 1992.02.04 1997.10.19
08 Mr.A.H.Wickramarathna 1997.10.20 2000.04.14
09 Mr.L.S.P.Siriwardhana 2000.04.15 2003.07.30
10 Mr.H.M.Herath Abeyweera 2003.08.01 2006.12.26
11 Mr.Sunil Kannangara 2006.12.27 2011.11.11
12 Mr.Neil De Alwis 2011.11.14 2015.03.17
13 Mr.Thusitha P. Wanigasinghe 2015.03.23 2018.08.02
14 Mr.D.M.L.Bandaranayake 2018.08.06